Curated Content and Original SEO Post

Content curation is the way of gathering, discovering, and sharing content on a specific subject. It has become a staple for a successful online presence. It involves collecting content from a number of sources and presenting them in an orderly fashion. Combined with an original SEO post, it can do just as well in the rankings with as with content that is wholly original.

nyseoexplode.comThere is a whole lot of information spread across the internet, and to have success in content curation, it is important to gather and display only the best and relevant content. Site masters have started to use curated content to drive search engine optimization. A site that links to different content on a specific topic has increased exposure when that topic is searched by users. Search engines are leaning towards rewarding sites with frequently updated curated content by indexing them more often. This can be done by having links to those contents in an original SEO post.

When content is taken from well-respected sites and those sites are cited, they will take notice of this and can potentially give back by linking to the site and sharing its contents through their blogs or social media profiles. This would mean increased links from others who heard about the curated content on the site through the original content creator. Site owners may also choose to personally contact the creators to thank them and inform them on how they are making use of their content. This is a good way to build relationships and encourage links to the site.

Site owners should include links to where they got their curated content. It is important to link to well-respected sites and not those that are untrustworthy or are part of spam networks. Search engines can take notice of this and the site may lose credibility in their eyes. Also, it is good to remember not to over-link; even if the sites are trustworthy ones. Search engines like to see that a site is offering a wide-range of content through a different number of links and not just from one site repeatedly.

Some site owners tend to ‘link hoard’ and will ‘nofollow’ links to the original content creator’s site. This means that even though the original content creator will benefit from traffic referral from the post with the curated content, the benefits of PageRank will not be passed on to them. This is unethical and frowned upon and can tarnish the relationships with other content creators. Also, search engines can catch sight of this ‘link hoarding’ and will penalize the site for doing so.

Having an original SEO post all over a site is a great thing, but not all site masters have the luxury of always coming up with fresh, new content every now and then. Content curation helps by allowing them to find valuable and related content on the web. It allows site owners to have a consistent stream of content on their site without having to always think of something original on their own. This is helpful for those who do not have the time or resources to consistently create original content.

Curated content not only adds value to the site, but also increase the chances of getting ranked for certain keywords. The more curated content there is, the more likely that the site will appear in the search results. If done correctly, content curation can not only give quality content to the audience, but also increase organic search rankings. When giving links to curated content in an original SEO post, it is vital to credit the source so as to build a good relationship with them.